Passiflora incarnata “Maypop”. One of the most useful herbs in the apothecary. Calming and sedative. A long used staple of herbalists, doctors and pharmacists until Big Business started seriously promoting their addictive synthetic compounds around 1910. Included in the US and British Pharmacopeia until that time and then POOF! like Keyser Söze – it disappeared.

Passionflower - Passiflora incarnata flower
our first Passionflower for 2017

Here you will find no side effects. A homemade necessity safe for the entire family. We have found Passionflower useful for tension headaches and those produced by eye-strain and loud or incessant noise.

Easy to grow and a delight to behold. Perennial here in zone 7, New York City, USA.

Look for directions on how to prepare a tincture from the leaf and vine at the Herbarium. There’s a link at the top of this page.

Author: herb guy

Just another Blacksmith who retired after way too long and got back to the garden in just the nick of time. My organic herb garden is my pride and joy. Ask me about Lyme disease. I spend most of my time nibbling my way through my garden while chatting up my chickens.

4 thoughts on “Passionflower ”

  1. No, I strain the marc through double or triple layers of cheesecloth, then twist and squeeze Blacksmith style. Most material is nearly bone dry when I’m done with it. You can use a stick as a twisting bar to develop more pressure if you use muslin and knot the corners.

    For FPJ I have a stone disk on top of the plant material and then a bucket of gravel over that, then remove the bottom plug. Slow and steady pressure is better than pulverizing.

    I did rig up a cheese press a few times but it doesn’t do as good a job as the disk and gravel bucket. A pot or bucket of water will work well for many applications.

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